Hot Air & Chanukah

Albuquerque hosts the largest hot air balloon festival in the world, so it’s no surprise that my home town can also claim the world’s greatest hot air balloon Chanukah menorah. According to the local Chabad, it’s . . . The Largest Menorah Ever! Made from hot air balloons, this Menorah will be seen for miles.… Continue reading Hot Air & Chanukah


Shema and Trinity, part 3

Here’s a final post—at least for now—on the question, “How can we say that God is one, as in the Shema, and believe in a Messiah who is God with us, or Immanuel?” Or to put it more abstractly, how can we affirm both the Shema and the doctrine of the Trinity? This question came… Continue reading Shema and Trinity, part 3

Shema and Trinity, part 2

I’m still thinking about the email I got a couple of weeks ago that mentioned a 14-year-old Jewish girl who is “interested in Yeshua as Messiah but has questions about the Trinity and the Shema balancing out.” As I noted in my earlier blog on this topic, you don’t exactly have to make the Trinity… Continue reading Shema and Trinity, part 2

Shema and Trinity

While I’m deep in my studies about the Shema, I receive this email from a colleague: I have a question that relates to one of my children's friends at school, who has a Jewish mother and a Christian father...  She is interested in Yeshua as Messiah but has questions about the Trinity and the Shema… Continue reading Shema and Trinity

Positively bound up

The terms bound up, bondage, and binding usually have a pretty negative connotation. People normally think of the devil as the one who binds people up—at least those folks who believe there is a devil. But now that I’m focusing on the Shema more intently, I’m obeying one of its instructions, which says to bind… Continue reading Positively bound up

Positively concrete

These days I’m refocusing on the Shema as the first and greatest commandment (Mark 12:28ff) and as foundational to my work in mussar. A few weeks ago one particular of the Shema got in my face: “You shall bind these words as a sign on your hand, and they shall be as frontlets between your… Continue reading Positively concrete

Ears to Hear

In my mussar work for the coming year, I'm going to focus on the Shema. (Mussar is a Jewish spiritual path that emphasizes ethical transformation. Check out The first ethical or character trait that we're working on is humility, so I'm thinking about how humility relates to the Shema, and I decide that Listen… Continue reading Ears to Hear