UNESCO, Hebron, and Netanyahu’s Kippah

At his Sunday morning cabinet meeting this week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu donned a kippah to read from the Torah. Two days earlier the UNESCO World Heritage Committee, “acting on a request from the Palestinians, declared Hebron’s Old City to be a heritage site in danger” (https://www.jta.org/2017/07/09/news-opinion/israel-middle-east/netanyahu-reads-ftom-genesis-to-illustrate-jewish-peoples-israels-claim-to-cave-of-patriarchs). In response to the resolution, Netanyahu read… Continue reading UNESCO, Hebron, and Netanyahu’s Kippah


How 2016 Measured Up . . . for Prayer

Last year at this time, I posted a blog with twelve key events of 2015 that were focal points for prayer in the Messianic Jewish community. I didn’t try to cover everything, but to focus on issues of special relevance to our community. There were plenty of such events in 2016, but I will again… Continue reading How 2016 Measured Up . . . for Prayer

The seedbed of peace

All that is written in the Torah was written for the sake of peace (Tanhuma Shoftim 18). The Torah has been tough for me the past couple of weeks. We’re reading, or preparing to read, the accounts of Israel’s conflict with the Midianites (Num. 22–31), accounts filled with retribution and violence, which reach a climax… Continue reading The seedbed of peace