Does Yeshua Belong in the Seder?

Last week, just before Passover, Christianity Today posted an article by two prominent rabbis entitled, “Jesus Didn't Eat a Seder Meal: Why Christians shouldn't either.” Despite the combative title, I found myself agreeing with the rabbis, Yehiel Poupko and David Sandmel, on some points, although I disagree with their main presupposition. When the rabbis write… Continue reading Does Yeshua Belong in the Seder?


Passover and the Contrary Question

At our Seders this year, like every year, we'll hear about four sons who ask questions on the meaning of the Passover ritual; the wise son, the contrary son, the simple son, and the son who doesn’t even know how to ask. The contrary, or wicked, son (RASHA in Hebrew) says, “What is the meaning… Continue reading Passover and the Contrary Question

Makom—the Place

I recently posted some comments on the four sons of the Haggadah, who ask four different kinds of questions, here: Passover Questions. The Haggadah introduces its discusstion of the four sons with, “Blessed is the Omnipresent, blessed is He. Blessed is He who gave the Torah to His people, Israel, blessed is He.” This translation is… Continue reading Makom—the Place

Resurrection and redemption

“On that night we were redeemed, and on that night we shall be redeemed.” The Passover Seder is made up of two halves, roughly divided by the festive meal itself. The first part commemorates the redemption from Egypt as we retell the whole story of the departure from Egypt, starting with “Avadim hayinu, we were… Continue reading Resurrection and redemption

Remember his death–the Last Supper

Whenever I read Rav Shaul’s account of Messiah’s last Seder, I always wonder at his concluding phrase: “For as often as you eat this bread and drink the cup, you proclaim the Lord’s death until he comes” (1 Cor. 11:26). Why “the Lord’s death”? Don’t we celebrate Messiah’s resurrection and his life among us when… Continue reading Remember his death–the Last Supper

Passover: Insiders and Outsiders

The tenth day of Nisan has just ended, four days before Passover, which is the day on which the Torah commanded every household to select a lamb to be sacrificed four days later on Passover. It's also the day that Yeshua entered Jerusalem during his last Passover, riding on a donkey to fulfill the words… Continue reading Passover: Insiders and Outsiders