Hot Air & Chanukah

Albuquerque hosts the largest hot air balloon festival in the world, so it’s no surprise that my home town can also claim the world’s greatest hot air balloon Chanukah menorah. According to the local Chabad, it’s . . . The Largest Menorah Ever! Made from hot air balloons, this Menorah will be seen for miles.… Continue reading Hot Air & Chanukah


A note on Hanukkah 5776

I have to admit to some mixed feelings about Hanukkah this year. The holiday commemorates a military victory, specifically a Jewish military victory in defense of Jewish religious practice. As we celebrate Hanukkah in 5776/2015, we’re surrounded by images of religious violence in our world, and every military victory is inevitably violent. Of course there’s… Continue reading A note on Hanukkah 5776