A Story to Live By

You are invited to join me at the first annual Messianic Men’s Conference, April 20-22, in Pensacola, FL, where I’ll be teaching based on my book, A Life of Favor: A Family Therapist Examines the Story of Joseph and His Brothers. Men need a story to live by. We face unique challenges today: Shifting expectations… Continue reading A Story to Live By


God in Exile

Seventh Haftarah of Comfort, Isaiah 61:10–63:9 At the great turning-point of Moses’ life—which was also a great turning point for the entire nation of Israel languishing in Egyptian captivity—God chose to speak to Moses from out of a thorn-bush of all places. Why not from the wide blue sky, or the starry heavens at night,… Continue reading God in Exile

Stretch Out Your Tent

Third Haftarah of Comfort: Isaiah 54:11–55:5 Rachel said to Jacob, “Give me children, or I shall die.” Gen. 30:1 The Lord comforts Zion in her affliction with a transcendent vision of restoration: “I will lay your foundations with sapphires, and make . . . all your walls of precious stones” (Is. 54:11–12). And then the… Continue reading Stretch Out Your Tent

Bickle, Benjamin, and the All-Israel Narrative

When Evangelical pastor Mike Bickle endorsed Ted Cruz for President earlier this month, Cruz gratefully accepted his endorsement, but some Jewish commentators rose up to object. Bickle claims that he is staunchly pro-Jewish and pro-Israel, but in an op-ed entitled “Why Ted Cruz’s Preacher Sidekick is No Friend of the Jews or Israel” Sarah Posner… Continue reading Bickle, Benjamin, and the All-Israel Narrative

(Messianic) Life in Israel

I've just returned from Israel, and plan to post a couple more blogs in my Three Motherlands series shortly. But first here's a report on the purpose for my trip.  What’s it like to live in Israel as a follower of Messiah Yeshua in the year 2015? I spent an unforgettable day, along with the other members… Continue reading (Messianic) Life in Israel

The Power of Presence

Some people think of folks over 50 as past the prime of life and ready to slow down or phase out, but I’ll have to disagree. The prime of life can extend well beyond the day when you start enjoying senior discounts on your movie tickets. This week I attended the Messianic Leadership Roundtable in… Continue reading The Power of Presence