Wrestling for Identity

 And Jacob was left alone. Genesis 32:25 This is only the second time we’ve seen Jacob really alone. The first time was when he camped at “a certain place” on the way out of the promised land, running from Esau. Now 20+ years later, he’s returning to the promised land, and about to meet up… Continue reading Wrestling for Identity

A no to divestment

Over the past couple of months I've gotten drawn into the battle a lot of advocacy for Israel and the Jewish people. I helped draft and disseminate a statement on the crazy Ralph Messer-Eddie Long Torah ceremony that went viral on You Tube back in January, and a couple of statements concerning the "Christ at… Continue reading A no to divestment

Justice and the wall

The Israeli security fence and checkpoints are often invoked as symbols of the “occupation” and Israel’s oppressive policies. But is this a fair portrayal? How should we assess this structure from the perspective of justice? I've seen the security fence and it is indeed a wall, monstrous, ugly and heartbreaking. I've stood at its base outside Bethlehem… Continue reading Justice and the wall

Resurgent replacement theology

As I’ve been speaking and writing lately against the new wave of replacement theology (the idea that the church replaces or supersedes Israel in God’s purposes), a few people have asked me why I think this old doctrine seems to be making a comeback today. I’ve referred to this comeback in passing in several of… Continue reading Resurgent replacement theology

Matthew 18 and “Christ at the Checkpoint”

Since my last blog, the UMJC joined with other international Messianic Jewish organizations to issue another statement on the controversial "Christ at the Checkpoint" conference. You can read it, and an article on the same topic by an Israeli colleague, under "Community News" at umjc.org. For now I'll just respond to one complaint raised by… Continue reading Matthew 18 and “Christ at the Checkpoint”

Stop Apartheid!

OK, that title got you reading, so what I really mean is "Stop (with the) Apartheid (rhetoric already)!". This morning I counter-demonstrated against a group protesting against Israel, and they had "Apartheid" boldly on display. Now, I admit I can be a stickler for words (I am, after all, an author and blogger), maybe even a… Continue reading Stop Apartheid!