Doing the Shema

Judaism doesn’t put the same kind of emphasis on creeds or statements of faith that Christianity does. A true-blue conservative Christian worries first about what you believe and whether it’s orthodox. Only after he settles that, does he get around to what kind of person you are. Jews tend to consider whether or not you’re… Continue reading Doing the Shema

Ears to Hear

In my mussar work for the coming year, I'm going to focus on the Shema. (Mussar is a Jewish spiritual path that emphasizes ethical transformation. Check out The first ethical or character trait that we're working on is humility, so I'm thinking about how humility relates to the Shema, and I decide that Listen… Continue reading Ears to Hear


I just finished a great read, The Year of Living like Jesus, by Ed Dobson, a prominent evangelical (and recovering fundamentalist) pastor who reads The Year of Living Biblically, by A. J. Jacobs, a secular Jew. Dobson is so impressed that “someone had taken the Bible seriously enough to attempt to live it out” that… Continue reading WWDD