We reach the goal

It's already three days since we completed Dan-to-Beersheva, and my last blog is still left dangling with us seeing Tel Beersheva “just a mile or so down the hill.” We did indeed glide down that very hill and through the entry to the Tel (which is a National Park) at 11:16am, Tuesday 1 April. All… Continue reading We reach the goal

What’s a prayer ride?

It’s “Dan to Beer-Sheva: a prayer ride through all Israel,” but what about this whole idea of a “prayer ride”—where does that come from? I’ve told people it’s like a prayer walk that you sometimes hear about, walking through a neighborhood or location, and praying as you go to encircle the whole area for God’s… Continue reading What’s a prayer ride?

D2B: how it got started

 I can trace the vision for the Dan to Beer-Sheva prayer ride, which I’ll call D2B from now on, to a trip I took to Israel in 2008, Israel’s 60th anniversary as a modern Jewish state, and also the year of my 60th birthday. A few months before the trip, I’d fixed up an old… Continue reading D2B: how it got started

Dan, meet Beersheva

I'm taking up blogging again after a long absence because I've got something exciting just up ahead that I want to share with you all--a bike ride from Dan to Beersheva, the length of Israel as described in the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible). A few years ago I wrote about my first century--not about my 100th birthday,… Continue reading Dan, meet Beersheva