Trust: the fuel of transition

I've been learning a lot about transition lately—specifically, the sort of transition in congregational leadership or direction that’s inevitable, and that we need to get a lot more prepared for. A few weeks ago, I attended the Messianic Leadership Roundtable in Phoenix, generously hosted by Jewish Voice Ministries, with over 300 other leaders from across… Continue reading Trust: the fuel of transition


Generational drama

Transition, legacy, new generation(s)—we’ve been hearing words like this a lot in the Messianic Jewish community of late, and this week we're studying the Torah portion with that very title—Toldot, or “Generations” (Gen. 25:19-28:9). This week’s Toldot represents just one of ten appearances of that word in Genesis, alerting us that generational drama is a… Continue reading Generational drama