A Messianic Rabbi Measures 2015 . . . for Prayer

As 2015 winds down, it seems like it’s been an unusually full, and troubling, year. This blog focuses on 2015 events that are relevant specifically to the Jewish and Messianic Jewish community, so I’ve left out some really major general issues like global climate change, the US presidential race (even though there’s one major Jewish… Continue reading A Messianic Rabbi Measures 2015 . . . for Prayer

Justice, justice

You may have read the recent story about reggae/rapper Matisyahu being disinvited to perform at a music festival in Spain. According to the Times of Israel (http://timesofisrael.com/matisyahu-expelled-even-as-spain-says-its-making-nice-to-jews/, accessed 8/18/15), the Rototom Sunsplash festival said it was canceling Matisyahu’s performance after the nearby Valencia chapter of the BDS movement described him as a “lover of Israel”… Continue reading Justice, justice

Divestment is Unjust

Divestment. It sounds like something accountants and economics majors might think about, not the stuff of political or religious debate. But divestment, or withdrawing investment funds, is being promoted as a tool to punish certain companies doing business with Israel and thereby pressure Israel itself. This week (June 14-21) the Presbyterian Church (USA) or PC(USA),… Continue reading Divestment is Unjust

Methodists, divestment, and Tutu

On May 2, delegates at the United Methodist Church general assembly voted against two proposals to withdraw church investments from companies doing business with Israel. These divestment proposals were intended as a way to pressure Israel to withdraw its military presence from all areas that most of the world considers to be Palestinian territory, which… Continue reading Methodists, divestment, and Tutu

A no to divestment

Over the past couple of months I've gotten drawn into the battle a lot of advocacy for Israel and the Jewish people. I helped draft and disseminate a statement on the crazy Ralph Messer-Eddie Long Torah ceremony that went viral on You Tube back in January, and a couple of statements concerning the "Christ at… Continue reading A no to divestment