Justice, justice

You may have read the recent story about reggae/rapper Matisyahu being disinvited to perform at a music festival in Spain. According to the Times of Israel (http://timesofisrael.com/matisyahu-expelled-even-as-spain-says-its-making-nice-to-jews/, accessed 8/18/15), the Rototom Sunsplash festival said it was canceling Matisyahu’s performance after the nearby Valencia chapter of the BDS movement described him as a “lover of Israel”… Continue reading Justice, justice


Stop Apartheid!

OK, that title got you reading, so what I really mean is "Stop (with the) Apartheid (rhetoric already)!". This morning I counter-demonstrated against a group protesting against Israel, and they had "Apartheid" boldly on display. Now, I admit I can be a stickler for words (I am, after all, an author and blogger), maybe even a… Continue reading Stop Apartheid!