What do men need? Excursus

In my last blog I looked at man’s need for connection. In Genesis 2 the Lord declares that it’s not good for the man to be alone and brings him a woman, so that the two become one flesh. This act of divine kindness ought to resolve man’s aloneness, but in our post-Edenic world things… Continue reading What do men need? Excursus


What do men need? part 2

We're looking at three primal needs as revealed in the account of Creation in Genesis 1 – 3. They’re primal human needs, but they have different applications and implications for men and women, and I'm considering the masculine context. In my last blog I listed these three needs as Contribution, Connection, and Awe. (For the cause… Continue reading What do men need? part 2

Passover of Moses, Passover of Elijah

Moses received the Torah at Mount Sinai, but the instructions of his Torah begin in Egypt, not Sinai: Now Adonai spoke to Moses and Aaron in the land of Egypt saying, “This month will mark the beginning of months for you; it is to be the first month of the year for you.” Exodus 12:1… Continue reading Passover of Moses, Passover of Elijah

“On the Third Day”

With the Passover-Easter season drawing near, I’m getting ready for a question I hear almost every year: How can Christian tradition say that Yeshua was crucified on a Friday and rose again Sunday morning, when Yeshua himself said that he would be “three days and three nights in the depths of the earth" (Matt 12:40)?… Continue reading “On the Third Day”

A Story to Live By

You are invited to join me at the first annual Messianic Men’s Conference, April 20-22, in Pensacola, FL, where I’ll be teaching based on my book, A Life of Favor: A Family Therapist Examines the Story of Joseph and His Brothers. Men need a story to live by. We face unique challenges today: Shifting expectations… Continue reading A Story to Live By

God is in the Neighborhood

Parashat b’Shalach, Exodus 13:17–17:16 Imitatio Dei, the imitation of God, is an idea with a long history in both the Jewish and Christian worlds (it’s a Latin phrase after all), and with surprising relevance today. From a Jewish perspective Imitatio Dei sounds like real chutzpah—which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. How can we imitate Hashem,… Continue reading God is in the Neighborhood