A Homiletical Biking Blog

The other day, when my biking buddy Avi and I turned onto one of our favorite trails, we saw a new sign, “Uneven surfaces may exist.” Now, I knew what the sign was getting at: this wasn’t just a general observation that such a thing as uneven surfaces might theoretically exist somewhere. Instead the sign… Continue reading A Homiletical Biking Blog

New Mexico makes the Times of Israel

The New Mexico History Museum and its Fractured Faiths exhibit, which I wrote about in my last blog, made it into the Times of Israel this week. An article entitled “When the Spanish Inquisition expanded to the New World” covers the fascinating, and troubling, history behind the exhibit, and inspires me to make a return… Continue reading New Mexico makes the Times of Israel

Review: The Siege of Jerusalem: Selected Writings of Pauline Rose

In the Messianic Jewish community, we often invoke our long heritage going back to biblical times, but we generally overlook the recent history of our movement. Vine of David is providing a great service in countering this blind spot among us with its “Messianic Luminaries Series,” most recently featuring the life and writings of Pauline… Continue reading Review: The Siege of Jerusalem: Selected Writings of Pauline Rose