Moscow Departure

I wrote my final blog from Russia a couple of days ago, but haven’t been able to post it until now: I’m at Moscow’s Domedodovo International Airport, preparing for departure for Tel Aviv. I’ve painted a pretty bright picture of life in Moscow, but of course visitors to any city usually get to taste the… Continue reading Moscow Departure

“What, you don’t like?”

A couple of blogs ago I mentioned our Russian friend Dr. Anatoliy. Whenever we’d visit him and his wife, Olga, may their memories be for a blessing, they would do their best to get us to eat as much as possible. I’m not talking about offering us another helping of this or that Russian delicacy,… Continue reading “What, you don’t like?”

Moscow Weekend

In my last blog I mentioned that Jewish life is back in Russia and tonight I’ll expand on that, but it’s already late in Moscow, so it’ll have to be brief. The Messianic congregation where I spoke is one of several in the city, which has a Jewish population somewhere between 150,000 and 300,000, making… Continue reading Moscow Weekend

Mother Russia Day One

My flight landed at Moscow Domodedovo Airport Thursday, as the sun was beginning to set--a pale, winter sunset, pinkish on the horizon beyond flat white fields and black woods fringing the airstrip. Jets with exotic names like Dubai Airways and Transaero in Cyrillic script standing on the snow. It's the first time in my travels that… Continue reading Mother Russia Day One

Sizer Held Accountable . . . At Last

Stephen Sizer is an Anglican vicar and author of Christian Zionism: Road Map to Armageddon (IVP, 2004), who has served as program coordinator for Christ at the Checkpoint (an anti-Zionism conference hosted by Bethlehem Bible College). I told one of the other CATC organizers, a Palestinian Christian whom I consider a friend, that I could never attend their conference… Continue reading Sizer Held Accountable . . . At Last