The team behind the team


Now that I’m back in the USA, I want to thank and acknowledge the team behind the Dan-to-Beersheva team–our donors and prayer supporters. With the help of our donors we were able to distribute tzedaka as we rode through Israel, a total of $10,000 (not bad for a team of 8 riders!) to ten different ministries, Messianic Jewish as well as Arab Evangelical, that are providing aid in various forms to those in need throughout Israel. Harder to measure, but even more essential to the vision of our ride, were all the prayers that supported our efforts. One of our prayer team members sent this note as we began the ride:

This is what the Lord says:

Make way in the desert a highway for the Lord.

I will bring down the mountains and lift up the valleys.

I will smooth out the rough places, and all creatures will see it at once. 

Amen! The combined efforts of riders, givers, and pray-ers–and most of all the wind of the Spirit at our backs–allowed us to fulfill the original vision:

  • Praying for all Israel at every stop
  • Distributing tzedaka every day
  • Raising awareness all year . . . and beyond!



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