D2B Press Release

Here’s a press release that I’m about to send to the papers in Israel. Think they’ll publish the story?

The Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations (UMJC) is sponsoring a ten-person bicycle team that will ride through Israel as described in the Tanakh, “From Dan to Beer-Sheva”, 25 March – 1 April.

Half of the Albuquerque team getting ready for the ride.
Half of the Albuquerque team getting ready for the ride.

The purpose of the ride is three-fold, according to UMJC Executive Director Russ Resnik, who will be leading the team: 1) to pray for spiritual renewal for all Israel, from Dan to Beer-Sheva; 2) to distribute tzedaka (financial support) to worthy efforts along the route; 3) to raise awareness of biblical promises for the land and people of Israel.

The ride has a particular focus on the journey of Abraham through what was then the land of Canaan, beginning at Tel Dan, an archaeological site that dates to the time of Abraham, and ending at Tel Beer-Sheva, mentioned in the Torah as one of Abraham’s dwelling places. Because of the realities of modern Israel, and the particular limitations of road biking, the route will not follow the likely journey of Abraham, but will employ a longer route for a total ride of 450 kilometers.

Russ Resnik comments: “For the team members, this will be the ride of a lifetime, and it also expresses support for Israel coming from the Messianic Jewish community around the world. In Scripture, the phrase ‘Dan to Beersheva’ expresses a vision for a unified people of Israel living in the land of Israel.” Resnik added that this is not a political statement, but a spiritual one. “We believe that Messiah Yeshua will bring that vision to pass, and this will be the focus of our prayers along the ride.”

A daily blog of the ride will be posted on UMJC.org.


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