Three transitions, one future

Here's one of the most pressing questions within the Messianic Jewish community: Who will be the leaders of the future? I’m not asking only about professional leaders and rabbis, but also about the member-leaders within every congregation, who are equally essential to the vision of a Jewish people movement for Yeshua. We’ve been asking this… Continue reading Three transitions, one future

Truth in 3D

I've got several big teaching and speaking assignments coming up next month and I'm busy preparing. It's the work I love the most, but it's still a lot of work. This week in my mussar practice (, we're learning about truth, and the maxim for the week isn't making my work any easier: “Do not… Continue reading Truth in 3D

Weiner resigns: anything more worth saying?

We've all seen it coming over the past week, and we’ve all heard far more about it than we ever wanted to, but news of Congressman Weiner's resignation over perverted behavior on the internet does open up a couple of interesting biblical-ethical points. First, therapy as penance. A week or two before he resigned, Rep.… Continue reading Weiner resigns: anything more worth saying?

The right to be heard

Last week we celebrated Jerusalem Day, the anniversary of the1967 liberation of Jerusalem. Today, hundreds of Syrians tried to breach Israel’s border in the Golan to commemorate what they call Naksa Day—the Arab “setback” in 1967 Just a few days before, I finished reading an excellent new book by Deborah Lipstadt on the 1961 Eichmann trial… Continue reading The right to be heard